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    Get some burgundy into your life! The Rainier and Wallingford, ever so dazzling!

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    Somehow, somewhere, I feel LuxeSwap is missing a credit on this list. 

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    Photography: Photos by Semaj.com
    Wardrobe: Alvin Lampkins aka abrothaseye

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  7. Review - Nice Laundry - Hosiery

    Nice LaundryIn the interest of full transparency, I must readily and wholeheartedly disclose, socks were never a high priority when I embarked upon revamping my personal style. Socks, or if you really want to sound sartorially educated – hosiery, were never a matter of great importance. Socks, unfortunately, were the after-afterthought. And so, my sock drawer was inundated with the same monotonous collection…

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    "Custom Brown" 

    A new Patina for a elegant gentleman from Italy Mr.R.F.

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  11. IMG_0174Woe unto the gentleman that stubbornly relegates his footwear collection to sneakers and, well, yet more sneakers. To shun and deprive oneself from a much-required element of variety borders on unforgivable sartorial sin. Sneakers cannot sufficiently satisfy every occasion in a gentleman’s life, and truthfully, neither can a formal dress shoe – although it comes tantalizingly close. The solution: seek comfortable middle ground. Enter the casual nubuck shoe. Nubuck is the outer layer of cattle hide that has been buffed and sanded to achieve a soft nap and light velvet touch. Similar to suede, it is actually a little tougher, and theoretically, should last longer. Perfect for casual work days. Perfect for a relaxed dinner on the weekend. Perfect for easygoing cookouts in the backyard. For all intents and purposes, it’s probably the perfect casual shoe that you are not wearing. Here are 5 reasons why you should be wearing them, like, right now.

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    Five reasons to wear some bucks

    • A distinguished pair of nubuck shoes can handle almost any casual environment that a gentleman may encounter during long summer months when fun is inevitable.
    • Because, when dress shoes are too strict and sneakers are far too lax, a clean pair of denim jeans require the appropriate middle ground – the laudable nubuck. And that includes khakis as well.
    • Colored dress shoes, perhaps, are too garish for an average gentleman’s sartorial palate. Colored nubucks, on the other hand, afford the slightest of flexibility for experimentation. It’s a low risk, high reward circumstance. You can’t lose.
    • Maintenance is crazy simple. Yes, shoe trees are still recommended. However, a gentleman need not worry about shoe polish and the like. Invest in a suede & nubuck protector. And invest in a brush and gum eraser. Touch up the obligatory scuff or stain as needed.
    • Nubuck shoes are relatively inexpensive. In fact, they can be readily purchased at discount spots such as DSW on the regular.
    Style & Substance - The Casual Nubuck - The Safest Way to Get Buck During the Summer Woe unto the gentleman that stubbornly relegates his footwear collection to sneakers and, well, yet more sneakers.
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    Onesie by @pharaonicorp . Photo by @islandboiphotography #Mali

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  14. Review - Lacoste - Lacoste L!ve

    Review – Lacoste – Lacoste L!ve

    Lacoste L!veOnce again, I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing a new offering from the Lacoste brand – Lacoste L!ve. Launched in July 2014, Lacoste L!ve promises to deliver a fragrance that embodies an irresistible energy that bustles with creativity and uniqueness. Housed within a six-sided, multicolored cube; the modern design is intended to compel the user to step aside, step back, and see life from a…

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    Linen and Lapels