1. Review - Lacoste - Lacoste L!ve

    Review – Lacoste – Lacoste L!ve

    Lacoste L!veOnce again, I have the distinct pleasure of reviewing a new offering from the Lacoste brand – Lacoste L!ve. Launched in July 2014, Lacoste L!ve promises to deliver a fragrance that embodies an irresistible energy that bustles with creativity and uniqueness. Housed within a six-sided, multicolored cube; the modern design is intended to compel the user to step aside, step back, and see life from a…

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    Linen and Lapels

  3. khakiscarmel:

    Di Maestro Italia new at Khaki’s of Carmel


  4. Review - Cole Haan - ZeroGrand

    Zerogrand PromoMy attempts at loving the Cole Haan LunarGrand were devastatingly futile. I poured over image after image of the uniquely manufactured offering from Cole Haan. I scoured the Internet, perusing press releases and reviews. I even went to a store to evaluate the shoe in person. And when presented with the opportunity to receive 30% off an already reduced price, with another 50% chopped off that…

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  5. Review - Bevel - Bevel Shaving System

    BevelFor better or for worse, the contemporary gentleman has been afforded the indispensable luxury of convenience. As we must stubbornly recognize our modern societal environment, we have been conditioned to accept that life is decidedly hurried. Every facet of life is now burdened with the absence of time. Thus, natural routines are now subjected to increasingly narrow time constraints. Our method…

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  6. leatherfootshoes:

    The Wedgewood boot in black calf and vibrant blue suede by J. Fitzpatrick

    Available on our website or in shop. 


    Twitter: @leatherfootinc

    Instagram: @leatherfootinc


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  7. The Standard #33

    To be truthful, despite earnest attempts to uphold a gentlemanly standard, a gentleman will always be subject to the possibility of failure.

  8. Gentleman Essentials – Gaziano & Girling – The Shoe Tree

    Because, during its expected utilization for travel, maintaining optimal form and neutralizing odor is paramount. Gaziano & Girling - Leffot

  9. leatherfootshoes:

    In anticipation of our official opening in Singapore, you can find our Gaziano & Girling already available at LeatherFoot, Singapore. 55B/C Boat Quay, Singapore. Please call +65 9188 4681 to make an appointment. 

  10. The TGS Gives Initiative

    When I first starting this blog in 2008, I had no idea it would attract a small but loyal audience of readers.


  11. Review - Tommy Bahama - Tommy Bahama Compass

    Review – Tommy Bahama – Tommy Bahama Compass

    Tommy Bahama CompassIt has been quite the busy month here at The Gentlemen’s Standard. I have been blessed with the opportunity to examine a bevy of products and offer personal insight to the reading audience. It has definitely presented a challenge, as the luxury of time is scarce nowadays, but I am extremely thankful nonetheless. Now, today we are evaluating another fragrance that perfectly complements the…

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  13. Review – Vince Camuto – Vince Camuto Homme

    Well, spring has settled in nicely, and summer is patiently awaiting in the wings for its annual, highly anticipated appearance.


  15. Review -Lacoste - Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Pure White

    Review -Lacoste – Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Pure White


    Lacoste Pure WhiteEau De Lacoste L.12.12, inspired by the original polo tennis shirt designed by founder Rene Lacoste, was initially launched by the eponymous company in 2011. Now in 2014, Lacoste is celebrating their tradition with a limited edition relaunch of that fragrance. Borrowing from the simplicity of the white L.12.12 polo tennis shirt; the fragrance itself is housed within a discreet white bottle…

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